Air Conditioning & Filtration

The warmth and moisture found in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems of households and office buildings create the perfect breeding ground for airborne microorganisms, bacteria and moulds.

HVAC systems also provide an ideal way to circulate viruses and germs around an entire office building or home in a relatively short time. It one of the main reasons each year 5–25% of the entire UK population develops influenza.

X-Mist helps improve indoor air quality by destroying microscopic pathogens that can cause health hazards and create bad odours. David Muirhead, Managing Director at All Can Solutions Ltd

Odour elimination

Smells can’t be seen but they can create an unpleasant vibe in a commercial setting. Smoke, chemicals, cooking smells, pet scents, musty air — these are the kind of odours that can ruin the atmosphere and create an undesirable experience for workers and visitors. If strong smells are part of your business or workplace environment, X-Mist can help clear the air.

Who can benefit: Warehouses, manufacturing or industrial buildings, offices, pet groomers or kennels

Bacteria busting

X-Mist can kill 99% of the germs responsible for colds, flu, staph, MRSA and many more. This revolutionary disinfecting mist has proven successful in helping reduce repeat illness exposures when used as directed and combined with a hand washing regime.

Who can benefit: Health and wellness companies, hospitals, salons, fitness centres

Mould and mildew prevention

Mold and mildew are signs of potential humidity, moisture and air flow problems. X-Mist can work as part of a solution to to improve the indoor environment and prevent the development of mould and mildew, and the spread of spores through the air.

Who can benefit: Warehouses, storage facilities, buildings with basements or crawl spaces

Cold and flu deterring

Another health benefit of X-Mist is deterring the spread of airborne particles, including those that carry illness. Clean air flow and ventilation can help prevent the spread of cold and flu. This becomes especially important in businesses oriented toward health and wellness.

Who can benefit: Hospitals, clinics, dental practices and other health facilities, any business where employees work in close proximity

Increased productivity

Fewer health problems among your workforce means fewer sick days and increased productivity. Workers, suppliers and customers or patients will generally feel more energetic and healthy in an environment with clean indoor air. All of these factors contribute to better business and an improved bottom line.

Who can benefit: Any business looking to provide healthy air quality and improve its bottom line.