Does X-Mist kill Coronavirus?

Yes, all our products kill coronavirus, and they have achieved BS EN 14476 accreditation to prove it. They not only kill coronavirus, but all other enveloped viruses, including HIV and Hepatitis.

Does X-Mist kill COVID-19?

No, it stops the Coronavirus. COVID-19 is the disease caused by Coronavirus.

Does X-Mist remove odours?

Yes, it stops odours by killing the bacteria that cause odours such as Escherichia coli (That's E-coli). X-Mist has achieved BS EN 1276 to prove this.

Does X-Mist kill mould and fungus?

Yes, it kills Aspergillus niger and candida albicans, X-Mist has achieved BS EN 1650 to prove this.

How effective is X-Mist?

In laboratory tests, X-Mist has achieved a log number of over 6, this means it kills over 99.9998% of pathogens, that means if there were 1,000,000 pathogens to start with, after treatment from the X-Mist formula, only 1 would remain. That is a lot stronger than bleach.

Is it safe to use if I am pregnant?

Yes, if you follow the standard operating procedures and don’t enter the room while the mist is being dispersed and for an hour afterwards.

Is it safe to use if I have an existing respiratory problem?

Yes, if you follow the standard operating procedures and don’t enter the room while the mist is being dispersed and for an hour afterwards.

Is there a use by date?

12 months from date of manufacture.

Is it safe around food and eating utensils – both Room and Ultimate?

Although both food safe, it is recommended that food and eating / drinking utensils are covered

Is it safe on children’s toys?

Yes, once the mist has dispersed and the room is safe to enter.

Does it kill mites, fleas & spiders on carpets and in cars?

No, it doesn’t. It is designed for sanitisation purposes.

Is it electrostatically charged?

Yes, it has a slight electrical charge which ionises the solution causing the particles to separate.

What is the delivery time?

Next day delivery.

What proof do you have that it covers a 5m sq area?

It has been developed and tested with the correct amount of propellant coupled with the particles being ionised to cover the area? See our web site, we have a video showing how the mist travels and spreads

Does the vehicle sanitiser leave any marks on upholstery?

No, providing you follow the instructions. If by accident some x mist is left in the dispersal area please wash off with a detergent suitable for the surface that the spill is present on.

How often would I need to sanitise my vehicle as a driving instructor with several students per day in and out of the car?

X mist lasts for 7 days in normal conditions but with a driving instructors vehicle certain areas such are constantly in contact with multiple users, so it may be worth X Misting daily. You should also consider using X mist Ultimate all round sanitiser for use on regular touch points in between customers, steering wheel, gearstick, seat belts, handles etc.

Does the Room sanitiser damage furnishings / fabrics?

No, it doesn’t. The unique deodoriser X-Mist uses is formulated for fabrics to make the fresh odour in the room last longer by clinging to the fibres.

Does X Mist contain any bleach, bleaching agents or Hydrogen peroxide?

There is no hydrogen peroxide, or any other type of bleaching agent in the X-Mist formula.

Do aerosols need CE approval?

No, CE approval is for machinery and not aerosols

Is the X-Mist formula available in other brands?

No, X Mist is a patented sanitiser and no one else sells our product

Is X-Mist Easy to use?

Once you have set off one can you will understand its simplicity itself, watch the videos for directions.