Schools & Nurseries

School and nursery disinfectant

X-Mist room spray disinfectants and hand sanitisers are designed to give total peace of mind for schools and nurseries, where footfall is high and germs spread easily. 

Effective in classrooms, halls, gymnasiums and meeting rooms, X-Mist sanitiser provides a hands-on and powerful way to disinfect these rooms and remove the germs that cause bugs such as Norovirus, influenza and even COVID-19. 

In between lesson planning, teaching and juggling 101 other responsibilities, teachers, minders and employees in schools don’t have time to sanitise high touch spaces such as classrooms, corridors and hallways. They need quick and effective methods to disinfect their school area and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. 

Stopping the spread of disease and bugs in schools and nurseries 

Some diseases, like Norovirus and the common cold and flu are transmissible for several days and can live on hard surfaces such as door handles and walls. Therefore, cross-contamination can be particularly widespread in school environments.

Keeping a classroom germ-free, especially during periods of heavy sickness is a team effort, and when done properly helps reduce absences of both students and teachers. 

Disinfectants for nurseries 

If you’re a childcare provider, you know that keeping children in a clean environment is vital. Infants and toddlers are germ magnets and need to be kept as safe as possible.

And it’s no secret that schools, nurseries and even colleges and universities are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria which cause viruses such as seasonal flu, stomach bugs and more. 

Where children spend time together in close proximity and share toys and equipment, the transfer of colds, flu and other germs are hard to avoid. Of course, they can’t yet master good cleanliness on their own, so high standards of hygiene and sanitisation are needed to prevent any cross-contamination.

Even the most experienced childcare professional doesn't have time to clean those high touch surfaces, let alone those hard to reach surfaces. Germs can be sneaky and spread rapidly, especially during outbreaks of high infection.

X-Mist Disinfectant Odour and Germ Neutraliser

Teachers, professors, childminders and education professionals need a fast acting solution that can keep them protected for days, not hours. X-Mist Sanitiser / Deodoriser is a disinfecting mist that diffuses throughout the room, killing germs and destroying bacteria with minimal effort.*

Our products are fast, simple, and don’t require elbow grease; in fact, it’s quite a hands-off approach to disinfection. Achieving good results from disinfection no longer needs to be time-consuming.

Disinfectant for Nurseries, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Training Centres

Give your colleagues and pupils an extra barrier of protection with X-Mist hand sanitiser and all surface disinfectant

X-Mist compact spray protects teachers, pupils, childminders and other educational professionals from harmful viruses and germs including coronavirus, whilst they’re on the go. Our high-quality formula contains softening ingredients that are gentle on the skin, eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and lasts up to seven days.

Help Keep All Your Rooms Healthy & Odour-Free

  • Use in any room (from classrooms to gyms, locker rooms and equipment areas)

  • Eliminates odours, leaving a fresh clean smell that lasts

  • Eliminates microorganisms including E- coli, Salmonella and Legionella

  • Kills germs responsible for bad smells, colds, flu, staph infections, and MRSA

  • Remains active for up to 7 days after use

  • Cost effective and easy to use – depress nozzle and leave for one hour

  • Fully tested to BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650

X-Mist helps make it easy for you to avoid cross-contamination and illness.

How to sanitise your school, nursery or classroom 

Our school and nursery disinfectant spray is fully tested to BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650 standards, and santises entire rooms in one hour. 

The fast-acting nozzle distributes the spray across a five metre radius, getting to those hard to reach spaces that are often out of sight and out of mind. 


Disinfect your school or nursery with X-Mist sanitiser

Order X-Mist disinfectant spray and hand sanitiser online or from one of our approved stockists, or speak to one of the experts at X-Mist today.