Veterinary & Equestrian

Veterinary Practices

The day to day to day running of a veterinary practice can be just as exciting as it is stressful. Connecting with new patients and their human owners keeps your staff on the go, round the clock.

Good hygiene and disinfection are vital to prevent the spread of infectious disease, and when pets are frightened or sick, little accidents can happen causing germs and bad odours.

Equestrian Facilities

Strangles, Equine Influenza and Equine Herpes are sadly on the increase. They can be highly contagious and spread quickly, either by direct contact or indirectly through transport or people.

It is therefore critical that your facilities stay clean and tidy all year round, especially during warmer, moist weather, as these conditions provide the ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Don’t risk your yard being quarantined. Help fight bacteria and cross-contamination by focusing on good hygiene and sanitisation.

X-Mist Disinfectant Odour / Germ Neutraliser

Achieving good results from disinfection no longer needs to be time consuming. Our products are fast, simple, and don’t require elbow grease; in fact, it’s quite a hands-off approach to disinfection.

X-Mist Sanitiser / Deodoriser is a disinfecting mist that diffuses throughout the room or space, killing germs and destroying bacteria with minimal effort.*

Who can benefit: Veterinary Practices, Race Yards, Equestrian Livery Yards, Dog Kennels, Catteries

Help Keep All Your enclosed spaces Healthy & Odour-Free

  • Use in any room (from reception, operating theatres, clinics & equipment to stables, tack rooms, horse boxes and trailers)*

  • Active against Streptococcus equi (Strangles), Salmonella, Equine Influenza, Rotavirus, Trichophyton (Ringworm), Aspergillus and many more

  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses & mould spores that cause respiratory diseases

  • Kills germs responsible for bad smells, colds, flu, staph infections, and MRSA

  • Remains active for up to 7 days after use

  • Cost effective and easy to use – depress nozzle and leave for one hour

  • Fully tested to BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650

X-Mist makes it easy for you to effectively sanitise your facility and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

FAQs and further information

How effective is X-Mist against Strangles?

Streptococcus equi (commonly known as Strangles) is a gram-positive bacteria. The CDC recommends alcohol at a concentration of greater than 60% for gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes (which are the industry standards for gram-positive bacteria).

We are confident confirming that X-Mist is active against Streptococcus equi with reference to the bactericidal action confirmed in BSEN1276. The active agent is effective on all mould spores and fungi.

In reality, Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus or S. zooepidemicus for short is very similar to Streptococcus pyogenes as mentioned above and will be killed by alcohol as long as the contact time is long enough. The CDC states that ethanol is effective in as little as 10 seconds on the standard pathogens, but I would recommend referencing the time stated on your BSEN1276 certificate for any gram-positive bacteria.